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Welcome to CCG STEM!  Our program centers around solving global problems utilizing a problem-based learning model.  This model begins with presenting students with a global problem and working towards finding solutions.  While the curriculum emphasizes the connection between science and mathematics, it relies heavily on the meaningful integration of technology.

Each student will continue to study the North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction (DPI) however their experiences will be enriched by the use of Problem Based Learning.  All students will be measured at the end of each year by the current End of Grade and End of Course Exams. Schools will also continue to be held accountable for making Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

The STEM program at CC Griffin will focus on integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics within each of the state standards for each grade level. Students will be engaged in experiential, real-world problems that help them question and learn.

We will integrate the key elements of engineering within all our classes. Those key elements are:






Critical thinking

Problem solving




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